Closeup of a installers hands attaching a hinge a kitchen cabinet.

Hardware Can Make or Break Cabinet Storage Spaces

When installing or remodeling cabinets in your home, hardware may initially be an afterthought as you plan out the project. The proper, high quality components, however, are essential to a smoothly functional space. The wrong hinge or track system could derail your entire set up due to deficiencies in manufacturing or operation, so it’s important to invest in something durable and include installation in your initial design concept.

Consider the Outcome of Hardware Choices

If you use fixtures that aren’t right for your cabinet, you’ll find yourself dealing with more than mild annoyance when you try to use the storage. There are several problems that are pretty standard issue when unreliable or badly installed hinges are at play.

The worker sets a new handle on the white cabinet with a screwdriver installing kitchen cabinets
  • Adjustments have to constantly be made to the hardware
  • Adjustments to the hardware are challenging to attempt
  • Hardware cannot bear the weight of heavy doors


Likewise, you will have issues with drawers sliding out too far, getting stuck or coming off of the track if the slider systems utilized are not adequate for the task. The last thing anyone wants to do is complete a home improvement project only to be stuck with lackluster results when the time comes to use the space. Looking ahead to what will yield optimal functionality is the most valuable thing you can provide for your peace of mind both during and after the project.


Only Use the Best Hardware Systems

Closeup of furniture cabinet modern clip hinge with amortization – kitchen slow motion hardware

Summa Solutions knows it’s imperative to choose your new cabinet or drawer hardware wisely. That’s why we carry top quality brands and work with you to ensure you get the perfect systems for your unique project needs. Contact us today to discuss just how we can help you get the best hinges and slider systems possible for your room, so you can enjoy the dependability of fixtures that will continue to be efficient and effective for years to come.