Best Décor Ideas for Using High Gloss Panels

Residential and commercial property owners are rediscovering high gloss panels. These finishes are trending because they add a wow factor

to any room. The versatility of the panels makes them a popular choice for kitchens, walls and ceilings.

Rediscover the Power of Gloss

Like the description glossy suggests, the panels have a shiny surface that reflects light. This feature appeals to anyone who wants to brighten, enlarge and add a modern twist to their décor. High gloss panels come in four types of finishes:

  • Glass
  • Lacquer
  • Acrylic
  • Laminate

Glossy panels offer several benefits. These include durability, low maintenance and visual impact. Because of these factors, high gloss is surging in popularity.

Spruce Up the Kitchen

A simple way to jazz up the kitchen is to use a glossy panel for your backsplash. This adds fun and elegance to the space. Additionally, it’s an excellent alternative to back painted glass, which can cost twice as much high gloss panels.

Make the Walls Pop

A high gloss panel makes any wall stand out whether it’s in the living room, family room, bedroom or bathroom. A solid, textured or decorative glossy wall can function as an accent feature within the space. Panels are often used for encasing a room’s showpiece, such as a fireplace. Additionally, panels serve as the perfect complement to a variety of materials, including:

  • Wood
  • Stainless steel
  • Concrete
  • Granite
  • Quartz

Raise the Ceilings

Do you have low ceilings? If so, install glossy panels as a simple fix. When light reflects off the panel’s surface, it bounces throughout a room. This creates a mirrored effect that fools the eye into thinking the room is larger than what it is.

Work With the Pros

High gloss panels add light, energy, impact and style to any room. Whether you’re tackling a remodeling or renovation project, contact us now to select the right color, texture and design options for your space.